Twitter needs to add "If I followed..."

Justin Williams describes how he uses all the different social networks he’s on. My break down is similar: Twitter for developer and tech stuff, Facebook for friends and family, Path for photo and location sharing, Instagram for some photos (really want Path to start cross posting those), Google+ for shameless self-promotion since I’m not sure why people circle me there. One interesting thing stands out from Justin’s list though:

I also obsessively delete [Twitter] replies after I am sure the person it is directed to has read it. When someone visits my Twitter profile for the first time I want them to decide whether to follow or not based on the content I produce, not the conversions I have with other users.

I have this problem ALL THE TIME. I go visit someone’s profile who looks interesting and I can’t tell what I’d be seeing if I followed them. Twitter needs a feature that shows me what someone’s feed would look like if I followed them. Which people would they talk with that I follow? How many retweets do they do? How noisy are they? Those things would easy to ascertain at a glance. Most of the time I can’t tell and I just end up not following them or putting them on a list to test drive.