A few random 2012 predictions

1. iOS gets a makeover

The next version of iOS will have an updated visual design. I think the home screen and the notifications will get the most love.

2. There will be a MacBook with the Air body style that has 8GB of RAM

It probably will be a MacBook Pro though. Hoping there’s a 13” version.

3a. One of (A) will buy one or more of (B) for A LOT of money

(A) Google, Facebook, Twitter
(B) Instagram, Path, Pinterest

3b. Through acquisition or merger, social networks will consolidate

Google+, Path, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram. Pick 3. I think you know which.

4. Windows Phone 7 will overtake Android for #2

HAHAHLOLOLLOLOL. It’s nice to dream though.