Move Complete, A Recap

Some folks on Twitter asked me to blog about moving from self-hosted WordPress to tumblr. It was pretty easy, especially since I didn’t care to migrate any of the old content. The stuff I already had here (UI/UX critiques) fit more into what I was going to blog about and the old stuff not so much. I moved the old blog to a different domain so it’s still out there somewhere.

There were two issues with moving the old WP site to a new domain. The first was that my OpenID delegation meta tags weren’t set up on tumblr, though I added those to my template so I could sign into Stack Overflow again. The second was that the old site was configured for the old domain, so I ssh’d into my Ubuntu box and updated wp_settings from the command line to use the new domain.

Now to continue on my quest to completely and shamelessly rip off the format of two of my favorite blogs. I’ll also be starting to use affiliate links, not so much for the cash, but more to see what results from people reading my posts. I used to run ads on the old site and I grew to hate it because I couldn’t control what was there and it was frequently things I hated. With affiliate links at least I can control what is advertised.

When I link to an external site (most of the time) I’m going to use » to denote it. I want to find a good one for links to apps too since I think I’ll be doing that a lot. For now I’ll just append (iTunes) to the end. OK, enough boring meta stuff.