My OS X Tools List

Inspired by Justin Williams’s massive list of tools inspired by Scott Hanselman’s massive list of Windows tools, here’s my short list of indispensible Mac OS X apps:

  • Mailplane - Wrapper for Gmail web interface that I use for the dedicated window, dock badges, and growl updates.
  • TextExpander - Keyboard snippets. Indispensable if you do customer support.
  • Jumpcut - Extremely simple clipboard manager. Cmd-Shift-V to get plain text, or cycle through recent entries.
  • Dropbox - It’s a folder, that syncs.
  • Moom - Simple window resizing and positioning via a hover in the OS X green window control. Feels native to the OS.
  • Trillian - Multi-protocol IM client. Adium is OK too.
  • Growl - Noise.
  • Jing - Simple screengrabs, annotations and best of all one-click sharing.
  • Caffeine - OS X is a little overzealous when it comes to dimming the screen. Caffeine keeps it awake.
  • HTTP Client - Desktop version of for when I want something local to desktop.
  • iTerm2 - Better terminal program with a ton of options.
  • Fluid - Make an web app a dedicated app. I use it for Google Calendar.
  • MacVim - Put Vim on your dock.
  • Rdio - The best subscription music service.
  • Colloquy - Simple IRC app.
  • Propane - Campfire desktop app. Flint and Briquette look promising too.