Twitter features for, you know, users.

I don’t recall adding a feature for actual users in a long time. It seems like everything they’ve built lately is serving everyone except the core user base. Look at the list:

  • Yet another web redesign (this is user facing, however, they didn’t really add any new functionality, just rearranged it)
  • A new half-baked version of TweetDeck
  • (benefits Twitter and their advertiser customers)
  • Brand pages (benefits brands)
  • Tweet buttons and embedded tweets (marginal end user value, big value for content providers)
  • New DM permissions (tweak to existing functionality)
  • Picture hosting (OK, I’ll give you that one, though it is copied from ecosystem)

Meanwhile, the following are untouched:

  • Full search history, or even semi-recent history. If it’s older than a few days, it’s effectively gone.
  • Global filters (so I can hide those damn foursquare checkins and still follow the interesting people that for some reason continue to post them)
  • Lists are still half-assed and buried
  • Favorites are buried
  • There’s no way to see what someone’s feed would look like if you followed them
  • Scheduled tweets
  • Multi-user support on web site
  • More sane DM rules (like letting people that you DM reply, or a per-list setting)
  • Analytics

None of these things alter the core simplicity of the service, but would make actually using it a lot more pleasant.

What are your Twitter feature requests?